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Pat Riley's Official Bio

The paperback version of "The Winner Within" (at
The Audio Cassette version of "The Winner Within" (at
The paperback version of "Show Time" (at
The hardcover version of "Show Time" (at
The VHS tape "The History of the NBA" (hosted by Pat Riley - at

Most of these books & tapes may be out of print from time to time.
You can use Amazon's auction service (which should be available at each
of the above links), or the one at eBay.

If you want to write to Pat Riley, there are two addresses that you can try, but nobody can guarantee that he will see your mail, let alone respond. But if you wish to try, here's where:

Pat Riley,
c/o Miami Heat
Miami Arena, Miami, FL


Pat Riley
c/o Miami Heat
SunTrust International Center One Southeast Third Avenue
Suite 2300
Miami, FL 33131